Jimma University Faculty Receive Training in Gender, One Health and Infectious Disease

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The Gender & One Health infectious disease training was conducted in November 2016 at Jimma University. The purpose of the training was to build the capacity of the faculty in the Faculty of Public Health and School of Veterinary Medicine on Gender, One Health and Infectious Disease so that they will integrate them in their day-to-day activities, mainly teaching, research and community service.

 The training aimed at;

  • Helping participants be more effective in their disciplines by being aware of gender dynamics and applying gender-sensitive approaches to emerging pandemic prevention, disease control, surveillance and response.
  • Building the skills and knowledge of the participants to be effective agents of gender- responsive One Health approaches.
  • Initiating participants to be transformative agents by promoting gender equality and equity in all aspects of their work and sharing this information with others.

The training was delivered to a total of 17 faculty from Jimma University College of Health Sciences & School of Veterinary Medicine.

Participants gained knowledge in:

  • One Health, gender and infectious disease concepts,
  • The role of gender in emerging infectious disease epidemiology
  • Concepts and tools for gender analysis

Participants also developed skills in:

  • How to conduct gender analysis by using gender tools
  • How to conduct monitoring and evaluation of project plans by using gender tools and
  • How to respond to emerging pandemic diseases that have One Health and gender importance.

In general, participants built their capacities to enable them understand and appreciate issues of gender, One Health and infectious disease and engage in any interventions as well as deliver more effectively in teaching, research and community services.

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