Jimma University One Health Students’ Innovations Club Conducts Case Competitions on Brucellosis

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One of the most vibrant components of the One Health Workforce (OHW) project in Ethiopia is the One Health Students’ Innovations Club.  OHCEA Ethiopia has a strong population of students from different disciplines who form the One Health Students’ Innovations Club (OHSIC).  In Jimma University, the OHSIC has more than 330 members who have participated in promoting multidisciplinary collaboration. 

They have shared ideas on One Health through community outreaches and in-class activities. One major activity conducted in Jimma; that brought together 282 students, is the Case Competition on infectious diseases conducted on 28th January 2017. Students from veterinary medicine, animal science, public health, pharmacy, nursing, environmental health, human medicine, midwifery and agriculture were involved in this vibrant session. These students competed, by sharing with the rest of the students, case studies on how Brucellosis is transmitted, managed and controlled in different communities.  This type of competition helps students to develop analytical skills in management of infectious diseases


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