USU-Secretariat Technical Support Visit Ethiopia
From Sunday 11 February 2018 -  08:00
To Thursday 15 February 2018 - 17:00
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Year 4 of the the One Health Workforce project has begun with countries starting to implement selected activities. Drawing from previous years’ experience, it is imperative that a kick off meeting is organized to bring together the key country stakeholders and agree on the implementation arrangements.

At the start of year 3, a regional kick off meeting was organized that brought together USU partners, Secretariat staff, OHCEA Focal Persons and Country Administrators. This meeting left out key actors in the country implementation of activities i.e. the Deans and Activity Leads. It is therefore necessary that an approach that brings together all the key players in activity implementation is adopted. Therefore, it was agreed that teams of Secretariat staff with USU partners would visit the institutions and hold meetings with all the key stakeholders.

Objectives of the visit

  • Support country teams to complete activity implementation schedules with clear implementation timelines
  • Identify activities that will require USU and Secretariat support
  • Map deliverables and documentation requirements for year 4 and collect missing deliverables for previous years
  • Identify country needs for South to South collaboration
  • Share communication matrix
  • Share plans for flagship program development and identify support needs
  • Orient / re-orient country teams on the technical support strateg

Expected deliverables

  • Completed activity implementation schedules with implementation timelines, activity leads and required USU / OHCEA technical support needs
  • Detailed deliverables and documentation requirements per country
  • Year 2 and year 3 deliverables
  • Support plans for flagship programs
  • Documentation of South to South collaboration requirements per country
  • Report on the visit for each countr


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