Hand Washing: Examples of models delivered by the students on One Health Institute at Makerere University

Frequent Hand washing prevents spread of disease (such as Salmonella, respiratory infections, diarhoeal diseases) from one individual to another. It is also important that hands are washed properly using correct techniques, with clean water and soap. Where possible prevention of re-contamination of clean hands should be averted when turning off the faucet or taps.

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Use of Mobile Cellphone Apps to Deliver a One Health Service

Three multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students at Makerere University implemented competitively selected research innovations in the community, that were adapted towards the use of the smart mobile cellphone to deliver one health service.

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Review of Veterinary Public Health & Master of Public Health (Epidemiology and Environmental Health) Curricula

Between late August and early September 2016, a workshop was held at Saly (Mbour), to review the two curricula in order to incorporate IHR, PVS pathway, OH competencies and GHSA.

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Cameroon Students Commend Training on Zoonotic Diseases

Building the future One Health workforce continues to be a major area of focus for OHCEA and its partners. In Cameroon, a two-day training on zoonotic diseases was conducted for undergraduate students of Université des Montagnes (UdM) from November 30 to December 1, 2017. The training was organized under the umbrella of the One Health Students Innovations Club (SOHIC). It was aimed at enhancing students’ One Health competencies specifically focusing on communication, community engagement and problem solving. The training focussed on two of the country’s priority zoonotic diseases i.e. Anthrax and Rabies. The other priority zoonotic diseases diseases are Ebola, TB, bird flu.

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Rwanda One Health Stakeholders conduct Workforce Needs Assessment Workshop to Identify Collaboration Gaps

The One Health Systems Mapping and Analysis Resource Toolkit (OH-SMART) workshop was held to review the workforce technical and cross-sectoral training gaps in Rwanda and introduce the OH-SMART tool. The workshop was opened by the Principal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Leiticia who thanked the organizers of the workshop and commended OHCEA and One Health Workforce/UMN for introducing the OH-SMART to Rwanda.

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