Review of Veterinary Public Health & Master of Public Health (Epidemiology and Environmental Health) Curricula

Monday, 16 January 2017 - 1:36pm
Dean of Public Health School (ISED) Prof Anta Tal-Dia opening speech

Between late August and early September 2016, a workshop was held at Saly (Mbour), to review the two curricula in order to incorporate IHR, PVS pathway, OH competencies and GHSA.

Twenty four (24) participants from the respective disciplines (animal, human and environmental sectors (EISMV, ISED, Prime Ministry, Environment School, Direction of Laboratories, Infectious disease service, FAO, Ministry of Livestock), attended the workshop, aimed at developing a common One Health module for master degree for both students in Veterinary Public Health (VPH) and Master of Public Health (MPH).

The regional consultant, Dr. John Amuasi, advised the team to design a module on “One Health” of 6 credits including 3 components:

1.  Introduction to One Health approach and concepts

2.   Epidemiology applied to “One Health” and integrated health monitoring of zoonoses and emerging and re-emerging diseases.

3.  Governance, Planning and Critical Reflection on the management of zoonoses and emerging and re-emerging diseases.

For each component, the following outline has already been sketched:

1. General description of the subject / course; 2. Learning Objectives; 3. Description regarding expected competencies, content, teaching methods, number of hours, facilitators, 4. Evaluation Methods, 5. Resources / teaching materials to use 6. Bibliography/references.

A follow-on workshop was held in October 2016 for the consolidation and validation of the program contents and their transformation into Licence-Master-Doctorat (LMD) format. This activity was supported by two experts: Prof Germain Jerome SAWADOGO, curriculum design expert and Prof Ayayi Justin AKAKPO, Epidemiology and animal health expert.

The OHCEA network and Multidisciplinary teams working on OH module contents