Serena Hotel Dar-Es-Salaam

Administration and Finance Training at Esella

OH-SMART Participants engaging an activity.

OH-SMART Regional Training opens in Kampala

Group discussions during OHCEA_Kickoff meeting

The facilitators and participants gather for a group photo in Ethopia

Run for One Health on the World Veterinary Day

Theme: “Continuing Education with a one Health Focus”

Human Health - Animal Health - Ecosystem Health

Our approach recognises that human health, animal health, and ecosystem health are inextricably linked, and that collaboration across the sectors is needed to achieve more rapid, mutually beneficial and effective responses...

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Makerere University Students win One Health Day Preparation award

In Uganda, most households own pets especially dogs and cats which are used for security and vermin control...

Participants pose for a photo with the mentors after the training at Golden Tulip Hotel in Bugesera

Integration of Content from the Infectious Diseases Management Module into the Existing...

Though Rwanda has been lucky that it has not yet experienced any outbreak of highly infectious diseases, there is no...

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To drive transformational change for continuous improvement of health and well being of humans, animals and ecosystems through multi-displinary research, training and community service.

A global leader in One Health approaches to sustainable health for healthy; productive animals, prosperous communities and productive ecosystems.

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